Aim Of Sadbhawana

1. Try possible effort to develop of each Cityzen.
2. Establishment center of Health Club, GYM and Yoga Center for development Youth Physically and mentally.
3. Try to Provide mobile health services to poor and rural area who denied from communal health services.
4. Provide training of safe delivery to rural level Liable to reduce maternal mortality and infantile death rate.
5. Alert and give advise of society to harm to regular use of liquor and drugs.
6. Propagate of education establishment school, college and different institution organization to provide education and handle organization.
7. Organize different type competition like sport,knowlegde science and seminars, conference, cultural program.
8. Give advise in society to protect against polio,a ids infectious diseases.
9. Provide Relief facility of sufferer in Emergency conditions like Earthquake, Fire, Flood, Epidemic and other Disasters.
10. Motivate Enemployed and economically weak people to selfemployed and cooperation as possible.
11. Organize health camp for free medical for poor and helpless people.
12. Try to provide handicraft training facility to poor and orphan children, student, womens to make indepedent.
13. Organize program to awareness of society for population control program.
14. Remove hate spirit reason of cast,religion and language and born spirit of national unity.
15. Work for education, prosperity, health, original rights, Social development ideological purity, beauty of area, clean land, plantation.